Services for your study in Romania

Studying in romania guide services

We promote Romanian education abroad, guide and assist international students looking to study  in Romania to get into suitable (affordable and accredited) universities to their need in Romania and beyond.  Most of our International students are from UK, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Canada, USA, Namibia, etc.  Most of them are attracted by medical, technical, economic, political studies in English, French, Romania or German language. Our services includes but not only application, admission, student visa, arrival, accommodation, registration at University guidance, keeping in touch with students in case of need etc.


  • Choose appropriate university corresponding to student need and  personal case;
  • Taking care of student application file till you get the issuance of the letter of acceptance /certificate of high school diploma recognition to study in Romania. This letter is the key to get a student visa in Romania;
  • Sending the acceptance letter to applicant student using safe way;
  • Critical information concerning the study environment;
  • Guidance on student visa application (if applicable);
  • Guidance on travel from your country to Romanian University;
  • Organise  pick  up from the airports on your arrival in Romania;
  • Guidance in entrance exam (admission tests)  preparation in order to ensure that the student will pass it (if any);
  • Guidance for translation  of all documents into Romanian language  before  finally registration at the faculty (if applicable);
  • Guidance in finding accommodation  in private residence or University hostel ;
  • Guidance in bank account opening  in Romanian;
  • Guidance in obtaining  a residence permit, student ID card, hostel card, International student card (if applicable);
  • Introduction  to the new local environment (city exploration);
  • Keep in touch  with students and parents (if any help is needed-in limit of possibilities);

Studies in Romania, being based in Romania, ensures that our team has firsthand information and experience of each university and its environment. This allows our team to more effectively inform and guide prospective students about the country, city, culture of where the educational institute is located and so allow them help them to become students in Romania and by the end, become graduates.

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